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  • CC Moore Odyssey XXX Liquid Additive

    This liquid food pack is identical to the one used in the production of the highly acclaimed Odyssey XXX freezer bait and is rich in soluble fish proteins. Simply add 100ml/kg of this liquid to the Odyssey XXX base mix to produce the same bait that has accounted for such an incredible number of fish since its release. Whilst 100ml/kg seems high as a...

    € 11.69 € 12.99 -€ 1.30
  • Sticky Baits Cloudy Bloodworm Liquid

    Cloudy Bloodworm Liquid is one of our best selling products, it’s safe to say that this extremely universal liquid has led to the downfall of a huge number of carp over the years!We incorporate high levels of real blood worm into our products that emit the attractive properties of undoubtedly one of the carp’s greatest natural food sources. This natural...

    € 10.79 € 11.99 -€ 1.20
  • Mainline Dedicated Base Activator

    De Mainline Dedicated Base activators zijn op maat gemaakte vloeibare attractoren die een sterk voedselsignaal uitzenden. In samenwerking met dezelfde smaak base mix maak je dan ook een perfect op elkaar afgestemde (liquids en base mix) boilie, waarbij de smaak en attractie perfect zit!

    € 14.85 € 16.50 -€ 1.65
  • CC Moore Liquid Sweetcorn

    This unique, thick, lumpy liquid food is a superb spod mix and loose feed additive and enables you to add a sweet, creamy and highly visually stimulating boost to your boilies and loose feeds. Ideal for use throughout the year, this highly water soluble liquid food stimulates a strong feeding response from carp and coarse fish alike. A real edge.Liquid...

    € 73.12 € 81.25 -€ 8.13
  • CC Moore Liquid Belachan Extract

    This P.V.A. friendly, highly attractive fermented shrimp liquid has an incredible shellfish taste and aroma that you instantly know will catch fish. If you dare taste this liquid you'll understand why this has become one of the really great liquid attractors of the modern carp bait industry. With soluble protein, amino acids, salts, fermentation...

    € 9.86 € 10.95 -€ 1.09
  • CC Moore Liquid Bait Preservative

    This liquid preservative is made from human food grade ingredients and is designed to inhibit the growth of most common moulds known to develop on standard food items. It is usually applied at the mixing stage and is included as 20-30% of the liquid egg inclusion. E.g. If a mix requires 9 eggs, we recommend that 6-7 eggs are used and the other 2-3 eggs...

    € 6.97 € 7.75 -€ 0.78
  • CC Moore Corn Steep Liquor

    This superb quality Corn Steep Liquor does not contain any added acids or stabilisers to stop it fermenting. Therefore, for safe storage we recommend this product is stored in a refrigerator to keep it cool. This highly attractive natural liquid food has a distinctive beer-like aroma and slightly bittersweet yeast taste and has been one of the most...

    € 48.23 € 53.59 -€ 5.36
  • CC Moore Minamino

    This famous amino acid compound is the same product that many anglers used to purchase from the local chemist in the 1970's. Made from liquid liver and spleen with added vitamins, minerals and amino acids, it also has a distinctive, but subtle raspberry flavour that makes it instantly recognisable. It is undoubtedly one of the most successful,...

    € 19.79 € 21.99 -€ 2.20
  • CC Moore Liquid Betaine

    The value of Betaine as a fish attractant has made it one of the most widely used and successful bait additives of the last few years. Produced from Sugar Beet, the key ingredient that makes this product so effective is a very concentrated form of Betaine. This has been developed into a very user-friendly, almost clear, largely odourless Liquid Betaine...

    € 12.59 € 13.99 -€ 1.40
  • Nash Key Cray Syrup

    PVA friendly and designed to maximise feeding signalsPVA friendly and designed to maximise feeding signals both above your baited area and on the lake bed, Nashbait’s syrups are the natural, food rich bulk booster liquid for spod mixes, bag fillings, boilies and floaters that bring more and faster action.No limit to inclusion.

    € 10.79 € 11.99 -€ 1.20
  • CC Moore Liquid Kelp Complex

    Made purely from Hebridean Kelp, this thin, 100% natural liquid has strong aroma and flavour and adds valuable Vitamin B12 (seaweed/kelp is the only non-animal source of Vitamin B12), minerals, trace elements and nutrients to any bait item. It is particularly popular for use with boilie mixes as it adds salt and a natural taste and aroma that fish find...

    € 8.09 € 8.99 -€ 0.90
  • CCMoore Hot Chorizo Extract

    This outstanding liquid food enables anglers targeting a broad range of species the opportunity to dramatically enhance their baits with a powerful, smoky, meaty profile that makes their baits really stand out from the crowd.Presenting a slightly ‘fermented’ smoked sausage label and an unforgettable tangy taste, this a hot, salty liquid bait additive...

    € 13.49 € 14.99 -€ 1.50
  • CC Moore Tuna L030

    After several years of absence we are excited to be able to say that the legendary 'L030' fish protein is reborn.....Made famous in the early 2000s by top anglers and bait companies who recognised and capitalised on its incredible fish-attracting powers as a boilie ingredient, liquid food and bait soak, L030 (Marine Paste/Marine Amino...

    € 13.94 € 15.49 -€ 1.55
  • Sticky Baits Cloudy Manilla Liquid

    What range would be complete without one of our legendary “Cloudys”, so here it is, the Cloudy Manilla Liquid.This natural liquid presents a combination of highly soluble liquid foods as well as salts and sugars that drive the fish into a feeding frenzy. Once applied to the swim, the Cloudy Manilla creates a hazy cloud that sits close to the lake bed,...

    € 10.79 € 11.99 -€ 1.20
  • CC Moore NS1 Bait Booster

    Northern Special Bait Booster (NS1) Any angler who’s ever used our Northern Specials Pop Ups knows just how attractive the NS1 profile is to carp… This liquid bait booster contains the irresistible combination of liquid and powdered appetite stimulants used in our legendary Northern Specials Hookbait Range, and delivers then in a water soluble,...

    € 11.69 € 12.99 -€ 1.30
  • Mainline Hydra Sweet

    Om de Response Flavour Range kompleet te maken en het aas een goede smaak te geven hebben we bij Mainline ook de ideale sweetner ontwikkeld, nl de Hydra Sweet. Deze sweetener werkt uitstekend als aanvulling op de Mainline Response of Profile Plus Flavours, maar kan evenwel op zichzelf toegevoegd worden, als ondersteuning geven bij andere flavours. 60ml...

    € 6.74 € 7.49 -€ 0.75
  • Nash Bug Life Juice

    Nash Bug Life Juice bestaat uit een unieke samenstelling die onderwater niet alleen voor geur en smaak zorgt, maar ook voor extra attractie, doordat het lichtjes bruist! Bug Life Juice blijft zeker 30 minuten lang doorwerken en is fantastisch voor het vissen met zigs!

    € 8.10 € 9.00 -€ 0.90
  • Sticky Baits Liquid Liver

    Our premium quality, pre-digested Liquid Liver is packed with amino acids, which provoke a strong and often instant feeding response from carp. The attractive qualities of meaty Liquid Liver have been known for many years, but we’ve managed to source a version that’s of the very highest grade. It makes a superb coating for boilies or pellets, which helps...

    € 10.79 € 11.99 -€ 1.20
  • CC Moore Liquid Salmon Extract

    This outstanding natural liquid food contains amino acid-rich liquid salmon protein and pure, fine-blended salmon fillet meat. Together these create a totally unique natural product which delivers powerful taste, aroma and nutritional properties giving bait valuable added attraction with tiny salty salmon particles that hug the lake/river bed and wash...

    € 12.59 € 13.99 -€ 1.40
  • CC Moore Response+ Bait Booster Fish

    Response+ FishThis naturally salty, pungently fishy booster liquid adds a unique, instantly attractive taste and aroma to any bait whilst also delivering high quality nutrients that will stimulate fish to feed in even the most challenging conditions. Response+ Fish is extremely effective for attracting Carp and Catfish and works particularly well on baits...

    € 11.69 € 12.99 -€ 1.30
  • CC Moore Liquid Molasses

    This thick black syrup is a product derived from the sugar processing industry. It is a naturally sweet, slightly liquorice-smelling product with a density similar to that of treacle. With less pure grades used in the animal food industry as a palatability improver, this enhanced version is excellent for adding to method, stick and spod mixes as well as...

    € 4.49 € 4.99 -€ 0.50
  • Nash Slicker Juice

    Slicking food oil boosters that enhance the taste, smell and feeding signal from your free offerings and hookbait. Use with Nash Riser Pellet and Slicker Floaters, or add to PVA bag pellet mixes and stick or Method mixes, or inject into solid PVA bags after tying. Versatile and deadly!

    € 7.20 € 8.00 -€ 0.80
  • CC Moore Roasted Nut Extract

    Roasted Nut Extract is a unique product which is exclusively produced for CC Moore & Co LtdThis smooth-tasting natural nut extract is an extremely effective liquid additive that is designed to be applied to baits of numerous different forms in order to enhance their year round attraction properties.With its deep, roasted nut aroma and creamy-sweet nut...

    € 13.49 € 14.99 -€ 1.50


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