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  • Nash Kaptive Retainer Sling

    The floating Kaptive Retainer Slings weigh, carry, retain and release – no wonder they have become standard carp care items worldwide. Available in two sizes. Improved yet further both sizes of Kaptive Retainer Sling now feature lighter fibreglass poles and end to end buoyancy foam. Fully zipped, and with extra large gussets to prevent the over sized zip...

    € 49.95
  • Trakker Sanctuary Carp Sack

    When it comes to sacking fish, it is important to keep stress to a minimum and the soft dark mesh of the Sanctuary Carp Sack does just that. Featuring a heavy-duty zip on two sides with secure zip fastening to prevent escape attempts, it comes complete with a high-visibility cord with dual bankstick attachments to ensure complete security with a...

    € 36.95
  • Trakker Sanctuary Retention Sling V2

    The Sanctuary v2 Retention Slings are now available standard, XL and a whopping XXL for anyone lucky enough to have a chance of catching an 80lb+ carp.These new improved slings feature more width between the bars and a squarer base allowing easier fish release, double reinforced carry handles for safe lifting, four floats ensuring ultra-buoyancy and a new...

    € 64.95
  • Solar SP Weigh/Retainer Sling

    Bel ons voor uw persoonlijke kortingscode voor dit product! Capable of housing even the largest of carp, our Retainer/Weigh Sling features full-length floatation with reflective strips. Better still, it boasts our incredible, reflective cord, which lights up like a string of Christmas LEDs in any torch beam. This is neatly housed in a separate, zipped...

    € 49.99
  • Strategy Grade Complete Keepsack System
    6539 302

    Het Complete Keep Sack System van Grade is een innovatieve bewaarzak die je zeer compact mee kunt nemen. De bewaarzak kan tevens ook als weegzak dienen door de meegeleverde weegstokken in de bewaarzak te schuiven. Na het wegen kunnen de deelbare stokken uit de keep sack getrokken worden en kan hij aan de meegeleverde kabel gehaakt worden. Zo kan de vis...

    € 57.99
  • Nash KNX Weigh Sling

    KNX Weigh SlingHeavy duty weigh slingStrong, carp friendly support for the biggest fish.• Extra strength aluminium bars for strong support• Centralising rings guarantee scales settle correctly• Multiple drainage holes • Heavy duty zipsDimensions: 116m (l) x 65cm (d)

    € 35.99
  • Avid Retaining Slings
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    Avid Retaining Slings

    The ultimate short term fish retention sling. Designed to be ultra-safe for carp, boasting our unique Magnet Technology. The magnetic clips ensure that the sling is a lot neater when weighing fish, therefore giving more accurate readings. The sling is constructed using soft mesh which promotes water flow and increases fish safety. Supplied with a canvas...

    € 47.99
  • Buoyant Weigh Sling

    A buoyant version of our top selling carp slings. Constructed from our fish freindly, strong and quick drying Aquatexx® material, this weigh sling is slightly smaller than the XL version and suited to fish up to 40lb. A clever zip feature means no fiddly buckles and a secure cord with bank stick fittings means complete fish safety has been covered....

    € 53.99
  • Avid Recovery Slings

    Recovery SlingsThe Stormshield Recovery Sling features a predominantly soft-mesh construction with a solid material base, which helps to protect your prize capture throughout the handling process.The sling features ultra-buoyant foam strips which spans  the entire top of the sling, double zip closure, and magnets built into the design to make the sling...

    € 54.99
  • Nash Dwarf Sling Mat

    Dwarf Sling MatHigh protect sling!Two sizes of high protect sling design unhooking mat featuring heavy duty carry and weigh cords with full length zips to allow carp and other species to be carried safely back to the water.Sling Mats also double as great stalking carryalls for stashing kit when on the move. Wipe clean carp friendly PVC finish, and...

    € 77.99
  • Nash Scope OPS Weigh Sling

    Scope Ops Weigh SlingSafe weighing of the biggest fish!Water resist lightweight peachskin construction with critically placed webbing support and metal weigh eyelets for safe weighing of the biggest fish.Cleverly packs down into its own external pocket into a tiny 23cm x 19cm pouch.

    € 41.99
  • Nash Retainer Sling

    Retainer SlingImproved water exchange for carp comfort!The classic Nash design now revamped with an all mesh construction to reduce weight, improve water exchange for carp comfort and offer faster drying and reduced transport dimensions.Reflective marker tabs allow easy location under torchlight, a Velcro pocket stores the rotproof retention cord and...

    € 64.99
  • Aqua Products Camo Buoyant Sling

    Developed using Our new DPM Camo Pattern performance grade Aquatexx® ensures that this weigh sling is not only fast drying and functional, but also cosmetically pleasing on the eye, built bars offering support for the fish, the weigh sling adds an element of buoyancy to aid retaining fish for short periods. It comes supplied in its own stink sleeve....

    € 59.99
  • Gardner Retention Sling

    This Retention Sling is designed for anglers to temporarily retain fish and then weigh them in the safest possible way.The Retention Sling effectively minimises the handling of any fish caught – as there is no need to transfer the fish between a weigh sling and a sack (if allowed).It is also extremely useful for allowing fish to recover before and after...

    € 45.99
  • Strategy Grade Retainer Sling
    6539 307

    Strategy Grade Retainer Sling | WeegslingDe Grade Retainer Sling is een zeer degelijke weegzak die tevens gebruikt kan worden om de vis voor een korte periode te laten bijkomen. Let op; het is geen bewaarzak! De sling is voorzien van grote drijvers met reflecterende banden. De robuuste ritsen zijn te zekeren en lopen in de onderkant van de sling verder...

    € 45.99
  • Trakker Sanctuary Carp Sack

    Sanctuary Carp Sack When it comes to sacking fish, it is important to keep stress to a minimum, and the soft dark mesh of the Sanctuary Carp Sack does just that. Featuring a heavy-duty zip on two sides, it comes complete with a high-visibility cord with dual bankstick attachments to ensure complete security, plus a high-visibility marker to enable you to...

    € 23.99
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