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  • Aqua Black Series RS 5 Quiver

    This no nonsense 4 rod quiver is simple and effective. The RS4 is based on our original concept with a main compartment to house a shelter and front loading pocket, perfect for weigh slings or bank sticks. Loading heavy shelters can cause stress on quiver systems so our Nyplex reinforced base makes it durable and robust.Endura fabric.Takes up to 4 rods...

    € 53.99 € 59.99 -€ 6.00
  • Fox Voyager 12ft Tri Sleeve

    Ontworpen voor opslag van drie opgetuigde hengels Gevormd om plaats te bieden aan big pit molens, 50mm startogen en K-Series geleideogen Gevoerde interne verdelers Verstevigde bodem Externe opslagvakken voor lood en rig items 10mm heavy duty dubbele ritsen Verstevigde EVA handgrepen Omkeerbare gevoerde schouderriem Nieuw Hydratec waterbestendig materiaal...

    € 89.99 € 99.99 -€ 10.00
  • Scope Double Rod Skin

    Zipped, padded main compartment with cushioned divider for 2 tackled up Scope rods and reels.

    € 65.69 € 72.99 -€ 7.30
  • Trakker NXG Rod Sleeve NEW

    Designed to take fully made up singular 12ft & 13ft rods, the NXG Rod Sleeves will comfortably house rods with 50mm butt rings and large big pit reels attached. The padded sleeve has been manufactured from 600-denier polyester in olive green with D-clips to allow you to attach a padded shoulder strap. It features a small zipped lead pocket which is...

    € 24.29 € 26.99 -€ 2.70
  • Aqua Black Series Full Rod Holdall

    If extreme protection is required then look no further. New for 2016 this fully enclosed 5 rod holdall is padded and lined and will accommodate up to 5 fully made up rods and house 50mm butt rings and big pits with ease. The large reel recesses are stiffened and padded to maintain shape and stability around key areas and provide a snug fit for your reels....

    € 122.39 € 135.99 -€ 13.60
  • SCOPE 1 ROD SKIN - 10ft ( price)

    Protective single rod skin to carry made up 9 and 10 foot Scope rods. Available in two styles to suit medium sized reels or larger Big Pits. Micro length zipped hi-protect single rod skins that carry made up Scope rods for opportunist trips at the shortest notice. Trademark ultra tough Scope construction with internal padding for maximum protection. Can...

    € 29.61 € 32.90 -€ 3.29
  • Solar SP Rod Sleeve 3 + 2

      The number-one choice for many anglers. Accomodating 3 made-up rods internally and two externally, this is a 5-rod system. Padded dividers and padded sides provide complete protection to your rods, and an external, zipped pocket will house your landing net or banksticks. Made from ultra-hard-wearing, PU-backed, waterproof material and with clips and...

    € 71.99 € 79.99 -€ 8.00
  • Nash KNX Single Rod Skin

    Zipped single rod skin to carry tackled up rods and reels. • Fully zipped skin to accommodate a tackled up rod and big pit reel• Available in 12 foot and NEW 10 foot• Rear zip prevents line damage• Reinforced and doubled stitched at stress points• Heavy duty zip

    € 15.19 € 18.99 -€ 3.80
  • Nash Single Rod Skin

    The original innovators of the concept our new range are the refined design conclusion from over 20 years producing rod skins. Available for 10, 12 and 13 foot rods. Rod skins offer complete protection and flexible storage for tackled up rods - easier to transport in cars than a bulky rod holdall and with multiple carrying options, from singularly to...

    € 31.12 € 38.90 -€ 7.78
  • Trakker NXG 12ft Rod Sleeve

    Designed to take a fully made up 10,12,13ft rods, the NXG Rod Sleeve will house rods with 50mm butt rings with large bit pit reels attached. The padded sleeve has been manufactured from 600-denier polyester in shade of olive green and features an internal line protector with a heavy-duty zip, keeping your rod secure inside and well protected from the wear...

    € 28.76 € 31.95 -€ 3.19
  • Fox Voyager 12ft Sleeve

    Ontworpen om aan één hengel plaats te bieden Gevormd om plaats te bieden aan big pit molens, 50mm startogen en K-Series geleideogen 10mm heavy duty dubbele ritsen Verstevigde EVA handgrepen Nieuw Hydratec waterbestendig materiaal (100% behandeld 1050 denier polyester)

    € 32.39 € 35.99 -€ 3.60
  • Fox FX Single Jacket

    De FX Single Rod Jacket is ontworpen voor 1 opgetuigde hengel. De foudraal geeft volledige bescherming en is gebruiksvriendelijk. Het bevat twee stevige handgrepen en dubbele ritsen voor extra gebruiksgemak en lijnbescherming. Verkrijgbaar in 12ft en 13ft uitvoering.

    € 46.79 € 51.99 -€ 5.20
  • Trakker NXG 5 Rod Padded Sleeve

    The NXG 5-Rod Padded Sleeve 12ft offers superb protection to your rods, and comfortably house big pit reels and rods with 50mm butt rings. Manufactured from 600-denier polyester in a subtle shade of olive green and reinforced with Nyplax material to offer greater strength, as well being well internally padded to protect each individual rod inside. It has...

    € 80.99 € 89.99 -€ 9.00
  • Fox Camo Lite Single Rod Jacket

    • Verkrijgbaar in 10ft, 12ft en 13ft • Ontworpen om een opgetuigde hengel op te bergen • Zo gevormd dat opbergen van de grote Big-Pit molens en hengels met 50mm startogen geen probleem is • 10mm heavy duty dubbele ritsen • Stijve EVA handvaten • 100% behandeld, 500 denier polyester materiaal • Uitgevoerd in de unieke Fox Camo style

    € 44.99 € 49.99 -€ 5.00
  • Aqua Black Series Full Rod sleeve

    Re-designed for 2016, these contoured rod sleeves have an upgraded padding for extended protection and the new shape is perfect for almost any rods. With distance casting becoming more popular, ring spacing and large bore butt rings are increasingly prone to damage but with this new sleeve you can rest assured your casting tools are well looked...

    € 34.19 € 37.99 -€ 3.80
  • Nash Double Rod Skin

    The classic Nash twin rod skin, updated and improved for the most flexible storage of tackled up rods yet. This two rod skin offers the same proven flexibility to carry multiple tackled up rods, banksticks and landing nets without the bulk of a traditional holdall. Available in 10 and 12ft

    € 59.99 € 74.99 -€ 15.00
  • Nash Nomad 1 Rod Skin

    Dit is een kwaliteits fourdraal voor 1 opgetuigde hengel, aan de buitenkant vind je een handig loodtasje en een comfortabel neopreen handvat.Dikke ritsen en een groot molenvak waar je zelfs de grootste big pit molens in kwijt kan. Verkrijgbaar in 12 en 13ft in zowel modellen als voor 1 hengel als ook 2 hengels.

    € 29.25 € 32.50 -€ 3.25
  • Solar SP Single Rod Sleeve

     Super-padded single-rod sleeve that will accommodate 50mm butt rings and big-pit reels, providing perfect protection for your rods and reels. The perfect companion for our SP Super Quiver, like the entire SP luggage range this item benefits from the ultra-hard-wearing, PU-backed waterproof material.

    € 24.29 € 26.99 -€ 2.70
  • Nash KNX Tip Tops

    As essential inside holdalls and skins as they are for quiver users. Padded protectors to slip over the tips and butts of your rods, securing around handles or rings with an easy sliding toggle and drawstring. Holding sections together and protecting expensive rods from damage. They are as essential inside holdalls and skins as they are for quiver users....

    € 7.99 € 9.99 -€ 2.00
  • H-Gun Retract Double Rod Skin

    De H-Gun Retract Double Rod Skin van Nash is een echte allrounder. Met 2 aparte vakken inclusief rits kunt u 2 opgetuigde hengels opbergen. De totale lengte van de foudraal is 1,57m, het molenvak begint 72cm vanuit de bovenkant en eindigt 45cm vanuit de onderkant. Voorzien van grote draagriem. Tevens bevindt zich aan de achterzijde een opbergvak met rits...

    € 43.12 € 53.90 -€ 10.78
  • Trakker NXG 3 Rod Padded Sleeve NEW

    The NXG  12 and 13ft 3-Rod Sleeves offers superb protection to your rods, and comfortably house big pit reels and rods with 50mm butt rings with webbing Velcro straps to retain rods while in transportation. Manufactured from 600-denier polyester in a subtle shade of olive green with a reinforced, hardwearing base that can be simply wiped clean. It...

    € 89.99 € 99.99 -€ 10.00
  • Fox Voyager 12ft 3+3 Rod Case

    Uniek ontwerp om de opslagruimte voor hengels en molens te maximaliseren Ontworpen voor opslag van maximaal zes opgetuigde 12ft hengels en molens Biedt gemakkelijk plaats aan 50mm K-Series geleideogen en grote big pit molens zoals de FX13 Gevormd naar de hengels voor een zo slank mogelijke vorm Verstevigd PU board op alle vitale plaatsen zoals de plaatsen...

    € 137.69 € 152.99 -€ 15.30
  • Nash Dwarf Single Rod Skin

    Ideal for the mobile angler carrying minimum tackle, Dwarf Rod Skins allow you to leave rods made up, protected, and be fishing within minutes. Available in 6, 9 and 10ft.

    € 19.92 € 24.90 -€ 4.98

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