Lunkerhunt Lead Icy Glide 3.5gr
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GLOW PAINTEDThe Lunkerhunt Icy Glide has a little bit of flash and a whole lot of fish-catching action. At 1-1/8 inches long and weighting 1/8 oz, it is the perfect size for both panfish and gamefish species. Hard water anglers can glide it through the water column or pound silt with it to draw fish in. A single “cyclops” eye presents a bold target for...
Lunkerhunt Impact Commotion 3.6" 15gr
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IMPACT SERIESCleverly designed to simulate wounded baitfish, the Impact Commotion lives up to its name. It can be cast far and worked with a slow retrieve to break the surface for a fleeing action, or on a slack line for wide pops and splashes like struggling baitfish. Made to cover water, the Commotion walks and pops easily to land the catch.Length:...
Lunkerhunt Battle Beetle 15gr 2.3"
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Armed for a fight, Lunkerhunt’s Battle Beetle targets fish like a homing missile. A slow retrieve will make this compact, single-jointed lure plod across the surface with a wide wobble, displacing water to attract attention. Increase your retrieval speed to tighten up its shimmy, forcing the beetle to dip just below the water surface where feathered...
Lunkerhunt Sushi 110 Suspending
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De Lunkerhunt Sushi 110 is een twitchbait van toernooikwaliteit die een aantal belangrijke eigenschappen biedt voor ongeëvenaarde actie in het water. Uitgerust met een systeem voor gewichtsoverdracht dat een maximale werpafstand mogelijk maakt, geeft het systeem voor gewichtsoverdracht de Sushi Jerkbait ook zijn brede, grillige, schietende actie.De Sushi...
Lunkerhunt Boshi Blade 10,9cm 17.5gr
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The Lunkerhunt Design Team has once again outdone themselves with the all new Lunkerhunt Boshi Blade! This bait is a must-have for every angler as it will provide a profile and action like you have never seen before. This cutting edge bait, rigged with two trebles and a spinner attached, can be fished by jerking it to provide the erratic movement of a...
Lunkerhunt Lunker Blade Lunkerhunt Lunker Blade 2
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Lunkerhunt Lunker Blade

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The Lunker Blade is an innovative blade style bait with adjustable line tie positions that allows it to be fished vertically in open water or ice fishing along with casting and retrieving. The wobbling action and vibration it creates in the water will drive fish nuts!Weight: 14grLength: 4.5cmVibrating actionPremium sticky sharp hooksMade of brass and...
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