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  • Trakker Tempest Composite Insect Panel

    The Tempest Composite Insect Panel is specifically designed for use with the Tempest Composite Bivvy.The clip-on mesh shroud design of the Tempest Composite Insect Panel allows you to keep annoying and sometimes biting bugs and insects out of your shelter when fishing with the door and sides of your Tempest Composite Bivvy rolled back, whilst maintaining...

    € 50.36 € 55.95 -€ 5.59
  • Solar SP Bankmaster Twin Rib
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    Solar SP Bankmaster Twin Rib

    Our twin-rib, pram hood bivvy made from SolarTexx fabric. The high-sided design maximises internal space while keeping footprint relatively small. The hi-tensile aluminium frame features our TRS (Tension Reduction System), making this one of the easies pram-hood bivvies to set up. A zip-out front panel allows you to turn this into an open-fronted shelter...

    € 301.49 € 334.99 -€ 33.50
  • Nash Titan Hide

    Packing down to 44" (112cm) and weighing just 4.6kg it’s the short session shelter of the future.The Titan derivative that Kevin Nash is backing to relegate oval style umbrellas to carp history.The Titan derivative that Kevin Nash is backing to relegate oval style umbrellas to carp history. Following the world beating success of the restyled Titan bivvy...

    € 269.91 € 299.90 -€ 29.99
  • Fox Ultra 60 Brolly Ventec Ripstop Camo

    Gemaakt van Fox Camo Ventec Rip Stop materiaal in khaki kleur met een hydrostatische druk van 20.000mm Volledige rits aan de voorzijde om later een optionele Ultra Brolly Camo Full Front of Ultra Brolly Camo Mozzy Screen te monteren Inclusief verwijderbaar intern dampschild om condensatie te verminderen en zo extra comfort te geven (dampschild kan bij het...

    € 305.99 € 339.99 -€ 34.00
  • Avid Screen House RT

    This shelter is sure to find favour with anglers who fish on the Continent, or carp anglers in the UK who want to cook and socialise with friends on longer sessions. Featuring two full-length zips on three sides, a window on the back and the option to create a porch area, this is the most feature packed gazebo-style shelter on the market. UNIQUE...

    € 219.99 € 299.99 -€ 80.00
  • Fox Eos Bivvy

    1 Man :Biedt ongeëvenaarde kwaliteit voor de prijsPerfect shelter voor beginnende karpervissers en karpervissers met een krapper budget8000mm HH waterdichtheidTwee baleinen ontwerpen een ruime luifel voor extra beschermingKhaki kleurInclusief full frame supportTwo-way letterbox deuropening met geïntegreerde mesh plus PVC en solide deur optieVoorkant kant...

    € 152.99 € 169.99 -€ 17.00
  • Avid HQ Dual Layer Bivvy

    Ontworpen met comfort als hoofddoel zijn de HQ bivvies voorzien van een ingebouwd, dubbellaags systeem, dat op haar plaats kan blijven wanneer de bivvy opgeruimd wordt; een externe overwrap is hierdoor ook niet langer noodzakelijk. De bivvy is tevens voorzien van een geheel uitneembaar achterpaneel, wat een fantastische ventilatie biedt tijdens de warmere...

    € 436.49 € 484.99 -€ 48.50
  • Aqua Products Pioneer System

    A true legend has returned! 2019 sees the launch of what has been one of the most sought-after shelters in carp-angling history. Yes, the Pioneer is back with a bang!This exemplary modernised model boasts a whole range of new features to bring the timeless design right up to date, with a firm focus on the modern angler’s requirements. All this is achieved...

    € 719.99 € 799.99 -€ 80.00
  • Nash Titan Hide XL

    Titan Hide XLSpeed, strength and lightweight convenience for the session carper.The world beating compact Titan Hide just grew up! Replicating the leading rigid frame shelter choice for the hardcore but adding greater floorspace, headroom, rear vents, visibility and coverage the Titan Hide XL brings speed, strength and lightweight convenience to the...

    € 269.99 € 299.99 -€ 30.00
  • Aqua Products Atom Plus

    Atom PlusThis plus sized version of Aqua Products ground-breaking Atom is perfect for anglers who travel light on the bank and keep on the move. Using performance grade Aquatexx and built around a 5 break, twin rib design the Atom Plus offers a fully functional, lightweight shelter and true to the original Atom concept, has an exceptionally compact pack...

    € 413.99 € 459.99 -€ 46.00
  • Aqua Products DPM Pioneer 100 System

    Aqua DPM Pioneer 100 System Due to huge customer demand, we are now offering what has been one of the most sought-after shelters in carp-angling history – in DPM camouflage colours!The Pioneer exudes quality with its industry-leading design, prestige build and manufacturing processes. Not a stone has been left unturned as we bring you the next generation...

    € 719.99 € 799.99 -€ 80.00
  • Trakker Tempest Advanced 100 Inner Capsule

    Tempest Advanced 100 Inner CapsuleTransforms the Tempest Advanced 100 into a twin-skin shelterReduces condensation and increases heat retentionFully-enclosed inner compartment with stitched-in groundsheet to keep out rodents and other unwanted guestsStorage pockets to inner wall offering further storage spaceBreathable brushed polyester material innerEasy...

    € 118.79 € 131.99 -€ 13.20
  • Nash Titan T2

    Titan T1 and Titan T2Inner mesh capsule as standardSatisfying the biggest demand on a wish list from our European friends these are the first Titans to enjoy an inner mesh capsule as standard, essential for high temperatures and inhospitable environments where insects, snakes and rodents are a daily hazard. In coldand wet conditions the inner mesh capsule...

    € 674.99 € 749.99 -€ 75.00
  • ESP Hide Out Bivvy

    NU VOOR 214.99 EURO (ipv 340 euro) + GRATIS Hide Out Mozzy Mesh twv: 55 euro!!Uw voordeel is dus 180 euro... Hide Out Bivvy  The introduction of the Lo Pro with its unique freestanding design caused quite a stir and it wasn't long before we started getting asked for a full system incorporating a front panel and door. Various samples were tested...

    € 214.99 € 340.00 -€ 125.01
  • Avid HQ Dual Layer Brolly System

    HQ Dual Layer Brolly SystemThe HQ Dual Layer Brolly System is the latest addition to the HQ Dual Layer range.Finished in our unique 20,000mm Dura-Stop fabric, the HQ Dual Layer Brolly System will handle the elements with ease.The Brolly has been designed with a completely flat back, which means you can position your bedchair further back, creating extra...

    € 449.99 € 499.99 -€ 50.00
  • Trakker Tempest Brolly V2 DEAL

    Tempest Brolly V2 DEAL NU tot einde voorraad! - Tempest Brolly V2- Tempest Brolly V2 Utility Front- Tempest Brolly V2 Utility Front Ground Sheet Nu voor 349.99 euro ipv 529.97 euro WEG = WEG

    € 349.99 € 529.97 -€ 179.98
  • Avid Ascent Bivvy

    Ascent Bivvies De Ascent bivvy is gemaakt met behulp van een lichtgewicht 10.000mm waterdicht materiaal dat een fantastische bescherming biedt tegen de elementen.Met een ontwerp met drie ribben en een ingebouwd pieksysteem, kan de bivvy snel worden opgezet en ingepakt.De Ascent-bivvy is voorzien van een extra grote ventilatie aan de achterkant met...

    € 305.09 € 338.99 -€ 33.90
  • Aqua Products DPM Pioneer 100 Wrap

    Aqua DPM Pioneer 100 System Wrap This is a wrap for all weathers. As seasons change and condensation increases, a skull cap that can be left in place is a speedy solution to an age-old problem. It is the norm for modern anglers to expect a peak, and this clever solution of creating a peak within the wrap ticks all the boxes. It reduces condensation and...

    € 166.49 € 184.99 -€ 18.50
  • Nash Double Top MK4

    Double Top Mk 4The best Double Top yet!The world's top selling bivvy just got better. Sealed capsule protection and one action set up for comfort anywhere - instantly!Using the classic sealed inner capsule concept that has changed session comfort the world over, and updated with the very latest fittings and cosmetics - the Double Top Mk 4 is the...

    € 449.99 € 599.99 -€ 150.00
  • Trakker Tempest Brolly 100T

    OverviewThis market-leading brolly concept takes another step above the rest with the introduction of the Tempest Brolly 100T. ‘T’ stands for ‘TALL’. New features include increased head height and twin rear vents, offering impressive ventilation. Anti-twist poles, rugged, waterproof and hydrophobic fabric, combined with our new and improved block design,...

    € 269.99 € 299.99 -€ 30.00
  • Solar Undercover Camo Brolly System

    De Solar Undercover Camo Brolly System, goedkoopste system brolly!De Solar Undercover Camo Brolly System is de goedkoopste system brolly in een camo kleur die momenteel beschikbaar is op de markt. Deze brolly heeft een speciaal 7 balein/bloksysteem voor extra ruimte. De baleinen bevinden zich dicht tegen het doek en de positie van de baleinen zorgt voor...

    € 215.99 € 239.99 -€ 24.00
  • Nash Base Camp

    Nash Base CampTakes Session Comfort To Another LevelThe innovative new Nash Base Camp takes session comfort to another level – with the practicality of Gazebo style space combined with dedicated modular sleeping pods all in one integrated design.Rigid frame pram hood style bivvies are tailored to zip quickly into the side panels of the central Gazebo...

    € 899.99 € 999.99 -€ 100.00
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