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  • CC Moore Hemp Oil
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    CC Moore Hemp Oil

    This concentrated 'nutty' liquid is the pure oil extracted from hemp seed. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils and is recognised as a valuable source of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Used in the human health food industry for its antioxidant properties, hemp oil is known as a superb fish attractor, and is the principal...

    € 9.95
  • CC Moore Cinnamon Oil

    This popular, soft 'bun spice' aroma makes a superb addition to milk protein, birdfood and sweet baits and is particularly effective when used with Thyme Oil.Recommeded inclusion level: Use up to 2ml/kg.

    € 5.99
  • DT Baits Red Salmon Oil

    Pure Scottish Salmon oil BPC. A classic high protein feed inducer perfect for coating loose feed in the summer or soaking hook baits to ensure there is a stream of attractant emanating from your hook bait.

    € 13.95
  • CC Moore Black Pepper Oil

    Probably used more than any other essential oil in the production of carp baits, this strong spicy additive blends well with fruit and savoury flavours. Black Pepper Oil can also be used at a low level as the sole aromatic additive where baits derive their 'label' from the dry ingredients they contain.

    € 13.75
  • CC Moore Aniseed Oil

    Found in pigeon conditioner-type particle mixes, Aniseed Oil has a powerful aroma, which has been used for many years in the hunting, fishing and shooting industries to attract and hold animals in a certain area by their recognition of it. Due to the distinctive essence of this oil, once baits containing it are established they can be extremely successful...

    € 6.50
  • CC Moore Thyme Oil

    This herb-like, aromatic oil is incredibly effective in baits of all types. Many anglers will be unaware that Thyme (and its active ingredients) is widely used in flavour blending and is in fact a key component of one of the most successful flavours ever used. Recommended inclusion level: Use up to 1.5ml/kg.

    € 7.50
  • Sticky Baits Pure Hemp Oil

    As the name suggests, this bulk food oil is obtained from one of the best angling baits of all time, and is recognised as the principal attractor within hempseed itself.The Pure Hemp Oil has a wonderfully-nutty taste and aroma that is simply devine, and a nutritional profile that is up there with the very best food oils available being rich in the omega...

    € 8.99
  • Sticky Baits Cap-Oil

    It has taken a lot of tweaking to get it perfect, but it is now there. This mixture of extra-refined cod liver oil and blended fish oil is made all the more special by the inclusion of a rather fiery capsicum (chilli) extract.Ideal for use in the spring and summer months, this rich, deep red bulk food oil really gives a “kick” to any mix.As with all our...

    € 15.00
  • CC Moore Chilli Hemp Oil

    Whilst Chilli and Hemp are two products that have been used together for some time within fishing baits, this outstanding oil blend combines these devastating two attractors in unbeatably high quality examples of each product. Our outstanding, carefully sourced Hemp Oil emits extremely concentrated food and chemical signals in water and represents a rich...

    € 9.99
  • Sticky Baits Pure Salmon Oil

    Fresh Scottish salmon oil that’s a proven fish attractor, as well as an excellent energy source for carp.Our Pure Salmon Oil is a particularly rich source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids that carp need, and its uses in carp fishing are many and varied. The two most effective applications of salmon oil are coating hook baits and coating...

    € 8.49
  • CCMoore Trout/Halibut Pellet Oil

    One of the key reasons behind any fish's addiction to trout and halibut pellets is the oil that is incorporated in them. Used as a powerful attractant as well as a concentrated energy source, this oil is the exact same product that is used in the manufacture of the vast majority of expanded pellets used in the aquaculture and bait industries. With...

    € 6.49
  • CC Moore Pure Salmon Oil

    This Salmon Oil has been winterised to ensure its effectiveness at all times throughout the year. This has significant benefits over non-winterised Salmon Oil, even in warm water conditions. As well as being a recognised supplier of Omega 3 and 6 oils, Salmon oil is also a concentrated source of energy with powerful antioxidant and natural attraction...

    € 5.99
  • Sticky Baits Fish Sauce Bait Soak

    This totally natural liquid packs a punch with fermented anchovy extract, salt and sugar, giving it a pungent, salty-sweet kick that fish seem to find difficult to resist.Our version is human-grade (it’s used in Thai cooking), which means it’s the very best available, and is extremely effective when mixed in with particles during preparation. As well as a...

    € 8.49
  • Solar Mixmasters Slayer Enhanced Salmon Oil

    'Slayer' is an enhanced salmon oil, which is a seriously good addition to any fishmealbait, particularly through the warmer months. It also excells as a bait soak and is extremely effective for soaking mixers for surface fishing to create a 'slick' to induce and arouse the fish into feeding. This refined oil is also ideal for...

    € 10.75
  • Solar Hot Scottish Chilli Salmon Oil

    The finest, pure, Scottish salmon oil infused with 'just the right amount' of firey red chillies, creating this awesome additive that greatly enhances all baits.  PVA Friendly  Use as much as you need.- NO DANGER OF OVERLOADING  Enhances any bait  1-Litre bottles

    € 11.95
  • Carpelicious Zalm olie

    Deze zalmolie levert de nodige meervoudige onverzadigde omega vetzuren, dit zorgt voor een meerwaarde in de mix.  Ook als soak geeft het een opwaartse attractie. Stolt niet in de winter !Dosering: 10 tot 50 ml (per kg mix)

    € 12.00
  • Northern baits Salmon Oil
    Salmon Oil

    Strong smelling salmon oil, filled with attraction.

    € 12.00
  • MTC Zalmolie

    Dosering: 10-50 mlEen prachtige roze olie van sublieme kwaliteit. Zalmolie onderscheidt zich van andere oliën door de zeer hoge concentratie aan meervoudige onverzadigde omega vetzuren. Regelmatige gebruikers van deze vloeistof zullen kunnen melden dat ze er niet graag meer vanaf stappen. Ook in birdfoodrecepturen zal deze zalmolie zeker geen fout figuur...

    € 9.95
  • MTC Essential Oil Back Pepper 25ml

    Dosering: 0,5-2 ml/kgBlack Pepper Oil wordt gewonnen uit de peperkorrel van de peperstruik. De olie wordt onttrokken uit de onrijpe zongedroogde vrucht (peperkorrel) van de plant. Het heeft een krachtige, scherpe kruidengeur en is waterig van viscositeit. Black Pepper is een bewezen vanger en zorgt voor een extra meerwaarde. Het is een stimulerend...

    € 19.99
  • MTC Essential Oil Garlic

    Dosering: 0,25-1 mlEssential Garlic Oil wordt geperst uit knoflooktenen. Het heeft een zéér penetrante geur en slechts een paar tienden van een milliliter volstaan om de geur en smaak van uw aas een boost te geven. Deze etherische olie is rijk aan antioxidanten, met veel vluchtige en bioactieve stoffen. Wetenschappelijke studies wijzen uit dat zuivere...

    € 16.99
  • MTC Essential Oil Citrus 25ml

    Dosering: 0,5-2 ml/kgDe geur van citrus behoort tot één van de prettigste geuren wereldwijd. Citrusolie wordt geperst uit de schil van citrusvruchten en bevat een hoge dosis vitamine C. Essential Citrus Oil heeft een positief effect op de organen van vissen en helpt afvalstoffen beter af te breken. Met andere woorden vissen krijgen een ‘healthy energy...

    € 9.99
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