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  • Sticky Baits Manilla Tuff Ones

    Designed to replicate the Manilla Boilies, these toughened hookbaits are made using the same base-mix as the normal bottom baits, but with the inclusion of extra binders.As you may have noticed, Manilla boilies straight from the bag are extremely soluble and break down very quickly, meaning they can only be used as a hookbait for a short period of time –...

    € 7.99
  • Nash Boilie Pellet Hookbaits

    Critically balanced and needle friendly, Nashbait Boilie Pellet Hookbaits have been designed to settle slowly with the weight of the hook, catching carp out far more effectively when presented in PVA bags and over spod mix. Containing large quantities of ground pellet for accurate taste and smell, boosted with the deadly Green Lipped Mussel extract and...

    € 6.50
  • CC Moore Duo Floater Hookbaits

    Knowing the challenges and concerns faced when floater fishing, each pot of these specially designed 12 x 14mm hookbaits contains two different coloured hookbaits to give the angler two outstanding hookbait options.Floater HookbaitThe lighter colour hookbaits in this pack perfectly match chum mixer type biscuits and our own 11mm Floating Trout Pellets...

    € 8.99
  • Sticky Baits Krill Clusters

    It’s safe to say that The Krill range has cemented itself as one of the very best of all time and has racked up countless amounts of captures since it’s creation in 2012, and without sounding too silly, we attribute the great success story to a tiny aquatic-being – the humble krill.This shrimp-like crustacean has a nutritional profile off the charts and...

    € 7.75
  • Sticky Baits The Krill Tuff Ones

    Because of our uncompromising stance on bait quality, we produce freezer baits that are fairly soft, which we believe is key to making our baits the very best around.Because of this, plenty of our customers have asked us for hard hook baits, so that they can fish with confidence where small fish, persistent birds, or crays impact their fishing. Well,...

    € 7.95
  • CC Moore Boosted Belachan Hookbaits

    These 10 x 14mm buoyant pellet-shaped hookbaits are packed with Belachan, the highly attractive Malaysian fermented shrimp product. Designed to be fished with either our Boosted Belachan Pellets or Belachan Bag Mix common attractors in each product ensure that the loose feed ideally compliments the hookbait and vice versa. Dark in colour and made from a...

    € 7.95
  • Sticky Baits The Krill Dumbells

    Designed to replicate our Krill Boilies, the Krill Dumbells are made using the same base-mix, only with added soluble attractors.These dumbell-shaped, sinking hookbaits also come with an extra soluble coating to maximise their leakage and attraction.The Krill Dumbells make an ideal alternative hookbait for fishing over the Krill Active Mix and Krill...

    € 7.95
  • Nash Citruz Cultured Hookbaits

    Bright pink Citruz Cultured® Hookbaits slowly release complex fruit esters, aminos, nucleotides and vitamins and minerals from the dissolving Culture skin for unbeatable attraction in all conditions. Repeatedly layered over a balanced core bait using Nashbait’s unique two stage Culture glaze process, the skin of Citruz Cultured® Hookbaits is infused with...

    € 11.99
  • CC Moore Odyssey XXX Glugged Hookbaits

    Odyssey XXX Glugged Hookbaits are designed for fishing in conjunction with Odyssey XXX Boilies and other products in the Odyssey XXX Boilie Range. Odyssey XXX Glugged Hookbaits Properties: 10x14mm or 15x18mm pellet shaped sinking hookbaitsLiquid-infused for extreme, prolonged attraction10% G.L.M. Ext. stimulates ultra-confident feedingSoluble attractors &...

    € 6.99
  • Nash Key Cray Cultured Hookbaits

    Key Cray Cultured® Hookbaits slowly release aminos, nucleotides and vitamins and minerals for unbeatable attraction. Balanced core baits surrounded by a Key Cray Culture skin containing the Nashbait exclusive wild harvested crayfish meal. For best results use with Key Cray Cultured® Stick Mix.

    € 9.99
  • CC Moore Odyssey XXX Hard Hookbaits

    These hook baits have been hardened to withstand the unwanted attention of nuisance fish and crayfish. With added egg and milk proteins they are very nutritious and hard enough to remain submerged in water for at least 18 hours. To hair-rig these baits we recommend they are drilled rather than 'needled.' Contents:15mm = 50 baits18mm = 35...

    € 8.99
  • Sticky Baits The Krill Hookbait Kit

    After receiving the same request time and time again, we finally decided to bow to public demand and release The Krill Hookbait Kit.As many of you will already be aware, The Krill Freezer Baits are quite soft straight from the bag and aren’t ideal to fish with on the hair for prolonged periods of time. We have absolutely no intention of “fixing” this, as...

    € 13.00
  • Nash Scopex Squid Cultured Hookbaits

    The Nashbait game changer hookbait, now in Scopex Squid. How many times do Cultured baits catch the biggest carp - it's no accident! Layered with the unique Nashbait living Culture infused with the famous Scopex Squid attractors, Cultured Hookbait performance is now available to all. Based on balanced 15 and 20mm core hookbaits the Culture skin...

    € 11.99
  • Mainline Dissolvas

    Zoals de naam suggereert zijn de Dissolvas haakaasjes speciaal ontwikkeld om onderwater langzaam op te lossen om zo te zorgen voor het ultieme op het gebied van haakaas attractie!Bevestig eenvoudig aan je hair en werp een ongehoord attractief haakaas uit. De Dissolvas lossen langzaam op en verspreiden zo een voedselsignaal in het water en helpen daarmee...

    € 9.95
  • CC Moore Fluoro Hard Hookbait Mix

    This easy to use, purpose built mix enables you to make perfect pink cork ball pop ups or wafters and extra tough single hookbaits that can withstand nuisance fish and ‘bird strikes.’ Usage guidelines: 1. Beat up a medium egg (45ml).Add chosen liquids /flavours and mix.2. Add your hard hookbait mix, adding a bit at a time until you make a soft, pliable,...

    € 8.99
  • Mainline Dumbell Hookers

    De mainline Dumbell Hookers zijn gemaakt van dezelfde top kwaliteit ingredienten als de meer dan bewezen Mainline freezer baits…Hierdoor heb je een selectie aan haakaas soorten die dezelfde kleur, geur en textuur hebben als je gekozen freezer bait. Het verschil zit enkel in de vorm. De dumbell vorm van deze aasjes kunnen soms net dat kleine verschil maken...

    € 9.50
  • CC Moore Pacific Tuna Hard Hookbaits

    Perfected over a 3 year product development program, Pacific Tuna is a deep red, naturally attractive boilie that combines soluble fish, milk and vegetable proteins with powerful natural appetite stimulants to create a superb year round big fish bait that fish simply can’t resist. Pacific Tuna Hard Hookbaits are designed for fishing in conjunction with...

    € 8.99
  • Sticky Baits Krill Floater Hookers

    Special floater hookbaits that have been designed to perfectly mimic our The Krill Floaters. They’re hookable and can be hair-rigged or banded, making them extremely easy to use. They’ve been infused with increased levels of Krill attractors, so much so that they’re practically oozing! For best results, use with The Krill Floaters.Key Features• Soft...

    € 3.75
  • CC Moore Live System Hard Hookbaits

    These hook baits have been hardened to withstand the unwanted attention of nuisance fish and crayfish. With added egg and milk proteins they are very nutritious and hard enough to remain submerged in water for at least 18 hours. To hair-rig these baits we recommend they are drilled rather than 'needled.' Contents:15mm = 50 baits18mm = 35...

    € 8.99
  • CC Moore Bloodworm Hookbaits

    Within bloodworm products there is vast range of items that can be used as hookbaits. To create a successful, fish catching hookbait we felt it was essential to produce a product that would perfectly compliment other products in the Bloodworm range. After careful consideration, we have designed what we believe to be the perfect solution... a 10mm x 14mm...

    € 7.95
  • Nash Key Cultured Hookbaits

    Nash Key Cultured Baits are ground breaking coated hookbaits, covered in a living culture that produces a nature identical feeding signal never before been achieved in carp baits – until now.

    € 11.50
  • Sticky Baits Bloodworm Dumbells

    Designed to replicate our Bloodworm Boilies (The original and best bloodworm bait out there bar none!), the Dumbells are made using the same base-mix, only with added soluble attractors.You may be wondering what makes our version so special and unique? By incorporating real bloodworm within the bait, it replicates the attractive properties of one of the...

    € 7.95
  • Sticky Baits Pure GLM Extract

    GLM (or Green Lipped Mussel) Extract is yet another additive from our Pure Natural range that needs very little introduction. Arguably one of the greatest ingredients on the market, GLM has been used in baits for many, many years and in our opinion it is a must have in any good fishmeal boilie.As with all our ingredients we have spent countless hours...

    € 9.35
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