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  • CC Moore Meggablend

    This dry bird food blend of seeds and egg product is part of the incredibly popular and successful CC Moore range of 'Meggablend' products. It is ideal for use as a base mix ingredient, providing a highly nutritious combination of sugars, oils, crushed seeds, vegetable and egg protein, as well as a superb texture in finished baits that...

    € 4.72 € 5.25 -€ 0.53
  • CC Moore Maize Flour

    Maize Flour is a popular bulk ingredient produced by fine grinding maize. As mentioned under 'Maize Meal', carp are attracted to maize products irrespective of their format. As an inexpensive ingredient, Maize Flour is also popular for 'bulking out' baits and has very little taste and virtually no smell. Many anglers will...

    € 5.84 € 6.49 -€ 0.65
  • CCMoore Lactose Concentrate B+

    This highly aromatic additive gives a beautifully creamy label to any bait as well as now giving a soft, sweet taste. A proven, subtle sweetener has now been added to this already successful attractor, making the new product very similar to the legendary Milk B+ that was so devastatingly effective through the 1980's and 1990's.

    € 7.42 € 8.25 -€ 0.83
  • CC Moore Pre-Digested Fish Meal

    After using different types of pre-digested fishmeal, we believe this product to be the best version available. Produced from whole fish, this fine, floury, aromatic meal is processed under a very strict process that involves spray drying, flash pasteurisation and natural enzymatic hydrolysis. This process results in a highly attractive, nutritionally...

    € 7.19 € 7.99 -€ 0.80
  • CC Moore Egg Albumen

    Egg albumen (egg white powder) is essential for baits that require a skinned, firm finish. Although other bait hardeners are available, egg albumen does not compromise the digestibility and nutritional quality of baits, it actually enhances it with a protein content in excess of 78%.Can be included in base mixes at up to 200g/kg.

    € 23.35 € 25.95 -€ 2.60
  • CC Moore Pure Liver Powder

    Any angler that has used Liver Powder in the past will probably agree that it is a powerful appetite stimulant and fish attractor. This pharmaceutical grade powder is of poultry origin and can add significant benefits to all baits ranging from boilies to stick and method mixes. Although Liver Powder has most regularly been used as an addition to...

    € 25.19 € 27.99 -€ 2.80
  • CC Moore Tiger Nut Flour

    This fine ground tiger nut flour has become very popular with companies and individuals who are looking to give baits a smooth, creamy texture with a distinctive taste that fish love. Suitable for use all year round, Tiger Nut Flour can be incorporated into any mix as a base ingredient, allowing baits to retain moisture through the oil it supplies. Can be...

    € 4.04 € 4.49 -€ 0.45
  • CC Moore Ultrasweet

    This new intense powdered sweetener is incredibly strong, making it a very cost effective option for adding a smoothly sweet taste to any bait item. The key property of this sweetener that drew our attention was its superbly soft sweetening of baits when used at very modest levels. Whilst other powdered products we tested added an almost repellent bitter...

    € 6.97 € 7.75 -€ 0.78
  • CC Moore Blood Plasma Powder

    This excellent binder/hardener has been widely used in the bait industry for several years where a taste, colour or aroma-free product is required. Blood Plasma is the concentrated binding fraction of Purified Blood Powder and is free of the red blood cells that dye baits brown. It gels quickly and effectively, even in baits that have a moderate to high...

    € 11.66 € 12.95 -€ 1.29
  • CC Moore Squid Meal

    All CC Moore ingredients are carefully researched and tested for their freshness, nutrient values, consistency and, ultimately, their fishing-related performance before being accepted into our range.Being one of the only UK fishing bait companies annually inspected by UK Government vets, you can rest assured that when buying CC Moore ingredients, you are...

    € 5.84 € 6.49 -€ 0.65
  • CCMoore Chilli Powder

    Chilli Powder has become more and more popular as a bait ingredient. Previously used mainly in particle preparations like our own 'Hot Hemp', it has more recently been used to great effect in boilie mixes where a distinctive 'bite' that fish find very attractive is required. As a natural colourant, Chilli Powder dyes baits...

    € 12.59 € 13.99 -€ 1.40
  • CC Moore Concentrated Yeast Powder

    This human grade yeast powder is a fine, spray-dried, meaty product that adds a subtle aroma and taste to bait. Where a savoury, meaty profile is required, Concentrated Yeast Powder is very effective when used in conjunction with meat-based products, as it tends to have a stronger natural meat aroma than meat products themselves!This particular yeast...

    € 4.49 € 4.99 -€ 0.50
  • CC Moore Whole Egg Powder

    At an inclusion level of 10%, this can be used as a direct replacement for liquid egg. Although it doesn't supply the same protein content as egg albumen, many bait buffs believe it is more attractive to carp. In terms of functionality, whole egg powder will firm baits throughout whereas egg albumen will tend to create a tougher skin whilst leaving...

    € 6.07 € 6.75 -€ 0.68
  • CC Moore Maize Meal

    Another popular bulk ingredient, Maize Meal is produced by grinding maize less finely than for Maize Flour. Carp seem to love all maize products, and Maize Meal is certainly no exception. As an inexpensive ingredient, it is popular for 'bulking out' baits where long term bait application and digestibility is not of paramount importance. It...

    € 2.24 € 2.49 -€ 0.25
  • CC Moore Feedstim XP Powder

    Following the phenomenal success of our Feedstim XP liquid, this product probably needs no introduction. Feedstim XP Powder is a blend of hydrolysed vegetable proteins and naturally occurring yeasts that combine to create an intense food signal that fish find difficult to resist. It’s salty taste and water soluble profile make it a powerful appetite...

    € 4.94 € 5.49 -€ 0.55
  • CC Moore Krill MicroMass

    Krill is a shrimp-like crustacean that lives in huge numbers in the oceans of the world. It is a rich source of Omega 3 oil and Astaxanthin, which is a powerful anti-oxidant and gives Krill its distinctive pink appearance. Krill is also a highly attractive source of protein, amino acids and oil that maintains it freshness, nutrients and flavour for long...

    € 7.19 € 7.99 -€ 0.80
  • CC Moore Semolina 5kg

    Semolina is still one of the most widely used bait ingredients in modern day carp bait production. It is inexpensive, attractive to fish, and more importantly brings a gently firming structure to bait that eases the rolling process. As a non-soluble ingredient, it can also be used to counteract stickiness in mixes consisting of high levels of soluble...

    € 2.96 € 3.29 -€ 0.33
  • CC Moore Wheygel

    Wheygel is a modified whey protein used in the human food industry to replace eggs in food items where strong gelling properties are required. It makes an outstanding bait hardener and is very cost effective when compared to Egg Albumen and other milk products.With ever-increasing numbers of anglers experiencing crayfish and nuisance fish problems, this...

    € 9.22 € 10.25 -€ 1.03
  • CC Moore Crushed Peanuts

    Each particle is around 1ml-1.5ml in diameter and is a 'chipped' product made from food grade, 'health-tested' peanuts. They are high in oil, very attractive to fish and superb for adding to spod mixes.Tip:For an effective year round visual presentation; mix Crushed Peanuts and Particles in Talin before fishing a NS1 White pop...

    € 4.72 € 5.25 -€ 0.53
  • CC Moore Concentrated Yeast Powder

    This human grade yeast powder is a fine, spray-dried, meaty product that adds a subtle aroma and taste to bait. Where a savoury, meaty profile is required, Concentrated Yeast Powder is very effective when used in conjunction with meat-based products, as it tends to have a stronger natural meat aroma than meat products themselves!This particular yeast...

    € 10.34 € 11.49 -€ 1.15
  • CC Moore Fine Oyster Shell

    If you are looking to add 'crunch' to your baits, here's the answer. This fine ground oyster shell can be added into mixes at around 10% to add texture, a 'flecked' appearance and weight to baits when distance is required with a throwing stick. Fine oystershell is also a valuable source of calcium. Can be included in...

    € 2.47 € 2.75 -€ 0.28
  • CC Moore C.L.O. Sluis Equiv.

    As a bait ingredient, Moore's CLO has excellent functional, nutritional and attraction qualities. Functionally, it adds binding and textural benefits to any boilie mix. Meanwhile, the egg, seed and cereal products included in this ingredient provide valuable proteins, oils and carbohydrates to give an impressive nutrient and attraction profile.Our...

    € 3.59 € 3.99 -€ 0.40
  • CC Moore Vanilla Meal

    This outstandingly attractive product really is good enough to eat and is a must for anglers looking to create a highly attractive year-round mix. Supplying a comprehensive profile of key nutrients, Vanilla Meal makes the perfect addition to any mix that is to be used through all four seasons of the year; adding a smooth, subtle taste and aroma that fish...

    € 4.82 € 5.35 -€ 0.53
  • CC Moore L.T. 94 Fish Meal

    The original and still the best! Whilst the price of this meal has rocketed in the past few years there is only one reason for this; it has no equal in terms of bulk fish meal. If you're looking to make a genuinely high quality fish meal bait then don't settle for lower quality meals. LT94 is the genuine article where low temperature...

    € 25.15 € 27.95 -€ 2.80
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