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  • Korda GOO Red Energy

    Potent, energetic and familiar smelling, this crimson red Goo is bursting with flavour. If you enjoy your high caffeine energy drinks, then you will recognise the sweet yet medicinal type smell/taste. Taken from the Isotonic stable it isstrong and tasty… with a combination of key signal ingredients that carp find hard to resist.The Red Energy Supreme has...

    € 16.49
  • Korda GOO Isotonic

    During testing this accounted for lots of very big fish, including during the filming of Monster Carp. It has a fruity, ester smell to it which catches at the back of your throat, has very little colour to it, and works incredibly well all year round. It is made by Kiana from a complex mixture of aminos and attractors, to provide the ultimate liquid for...

    € 16.49
  • Korda GOO Krill

    Krill needs no introduction as it is a highly effective fish catcher, and this shrimp, salty flavoured goo is certainly no exception. It produces a pink cloud of attraction in the water around your hookbait. It is made by Kiana from a complex mixture of aminos and attractors, to provide the ultimate liquid for use in any fishing situation. Any Goo that is...

    € 16.49
  • Korda GOO Almond

    Supreme:Nothing penetrates better than the Almond Supreme. It will cut into skinned tigers and is good on PVA sticks, but we’ve not found a better way than to use it on hook baits. When used in tandem with the thicker Almond Power Smoke, the two combine to create an attractor package that's unrivalled!  Smoke:The thicker of the two Almond Goos is...

    € 16.49
  • Korda GOO No Name

    “One of the fiercest fish pulling attractors you are ever likely to use.” Ali Hamidi This is something very different to what's gone before it, an advancement for the discerning angler. The ‘No Name’ flavour is intriguing and subtle but travels extremely well as a fish attractor in the water. The overall smell is organic and natural… giving an...

    € 18.49
  • Korda GOO Tiger Nut

    Now this Goo seems to be the most widely anticipated one of the series. We all know Tigernuts are simply amazing at catching carp. Natural progression dictated that we decided to make a Tigernut Goo. This Goo contains all the natural elements of tiger nuts. It has a middle-of-the-road consistency, just like Corn Twist and Mystic Spice, making a...

    € 16.49
  • Korda GOO White Almond

    Over the years almond has been one of the most popular and successful flavours in the range – its effectiveness was proven in Underwater 7 & 8 at St Johns on the Linear Fisheries complex! - and its bright pink colouration made it a popular choice as a soak for pop-ups and other hookbaits. Given its popularity along with the fact that so many anglers...

    € 16.49
  • Korda GOO Garlic Supreme

    This is a special thin Goo with a unique flavour enhancement which again is a proven Carp catcher. Excellent for pre-soaking your hook baits, either tigers, popups or bottom baits. The cloud produced is subtle but distinctive and also great for use in cold water applications.

    € 16.49
  • Korda GOO Outrageous Orange

    Orange coloured baits have been very popular for over 30 years, and they are still just as successful today. In terms of the flavour, orange isn’t as commonly used as it maybe should be as it combines sweet and citrus notes, making it a deadly attractor.

    € 16.49
  • Korda GOO Pineapple

    Pineapple Supreme Power SmokeThe Pineapple Power Smoke is brilliant when applied directly to PVA sticks. If you’re fishing a runs water and you want to get some attraction into the water quickly then coating sticks works well. You can use it on zigs. The South Africans actually dry this stuff onto their zig foam.   Pineapple Supreme Bait SmokeThis is one...

    € 16.49
  • Korda GOO Tutti Frutti

    Much of the things that apply to the Pineapple Power Smoke also apply to the Tutti one will do too. The major differences would be things like pH. The Pineapple Power is acidic and has a real impact on various waters. It's PVA friendly most of the year, but always remember to shake the bottle well to distribute the ingredients evenly. It's...

    € 16.49
  • Korda GOO Spicy Squid

    Spicy Squid SupremeA pink coloured Squid based special blend of liquids with the consistency of our Pineapple supreme. The best use, however not exclusively, for this GOO is for soaking your hook baits in which will penetrate quite deeply into any flavour pop-ups or bottom baits or Particles and totally change your hook bait. A small squirt to coat some...

    € 16.49
  • Korda GOO Butter Corn

    The Buttercorn is one of the finest blends created to date by Kiana, and during testing has been nothing short of extraordinary, with carp, big and small, from across the globe. One taste will indicate that this isn’t your usual liquid attractor, as it is delightfully sweet and a potent fish attractor. It has been a wonderful hookbait soak, plus a great...

    € 16.49
  • Korda GOO Super Scopex

    The Super Scopex Supreme is a wonderfully vibrant Goo, with a slight orange appearance, and it is perfect for drizzling onto hookbaits and letting it soak right through to the core. 

    € 16.49
  • Korda GOO Bumble Berry

    This is based around a blend of different berries, and is sweet whilst still also having a citrus kick to it, and it will give off a subtle red haze in the water. It is great when mixed with Mangonana. It is made by Kiana from a complex mixture of aminos and attractors, to provide the ultimate liquid for use in any fishing situation. Any Goo that is in...

    € 15.90
  • Korda GOO Wonderberry

    Ali says: This is the first white Goo. Just getting the white is a huge achievement – I can’t tell you how difficult this has been, because white dye doesn’t lend to being mixed. The significance of this development is that you get to keep your hook baits white, a vogue colour that is a proven carp catcher! Smell-wise, this is perhaps one of our riskier...

    € 16.49
  • Korda GOO Halibut Haze

    Halibut is just an awesome fish-catching attractor and the Halibut Haze Goo is no different. It’s a fishy flavour with a slight fruity twist. Some of the flavours included give it that slight angle, that slight difference. It’s very thick, so it sticks brilliantly to the outside of baits. By the summer months you really will kick arse on it and it’s one...

    € 16.49
  • Korda GOO Sherbert

    This smells just like you would expect sherbet to, and has a zingy flavour and is a bright yellow colour. It is made by Kiana from a complex mixture of aminos and attractors, to provide the ultimate liquid for use in any fishing situation. The Goo Smokes/Power Smokes are of a thicker viscosity and are designed for use on the outside of your bait. Due to...

    € 16.49
  • Korda GOO Corn Twist

    This is an extremely natural, extremely sweet, yet subtle Goo. It’s classified as a Bait Smoke but doesn’t have the intensity of colour of some of the others. It’s not just restricted to use with hook baits, you can add it to ground baits, watered down, roll mixers in it or even glaze freebies with it. It lends itself brilliantly to zig spod mixes, it can...

    € 16.49
  • Korda GOO Moonshine

    Als onderdeel va de 10e Kiana Goo release is er een speciale batch Goo gebrouwen. ’Moonshine’ Supreme heeft een whiskey stijl flavour die je kwa look en geur doet denken aan je favoriete drankje uit Tennessee. Whiskey flavours zijn old skool klassiekers die zich in het verleden meer dan bewezen hebben als het om het vangen van karper gaat. Er zit...

    € 16.49
  • Korda GOO Jungle Juice

    De Jungle Juice Goo Supreme is een tropische mix van zoete en zure citrus flavours. Als je er even snel aan ruikt heb je te maken met een sterke frisse aroma die je doet denken aan een tropische vruchtensap. De unieke citrus blend, subtiele kleur en hoeveelheid essentieel olies maken de Jungle Juice onmiddellijk een toekomstige klassieker. Ali Hamidi...

    € 16.49
  • Korda GOO Bubble Gum

    Een zoet, oppeppend, fruitig en haast sappig aromo… Dat is de Bubble Gum Supreme Goo! Hij heeft een sterke fruitige geur die het water in je mond doet stromen en heeft net zoals enkele super populaire Goo’s uit de range (Isotonic en Pineapple) een doorzichtig, gelige kleur die hem een zeer subtiele look geeft. Hierdoor zal hij de kleur van het aas slechts...

    € 16.49
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