Nieuw Jag Black Adjustable 2 Rod Rear Buzzerbar Uitbreiden

Jag Black Adjustable 2 Rod Rear Buzzerbar



Our full range of Adjustable Buzz Bars have undergone a complete re-design! 

We have added our innovative 'adjustable cap' system that makes alarm alignment a piece of cake! If your alarms are over/under tightening, simply wind your alarm on until it is 45 degrees off centre, you can then wind the cap up to meet the alarm; holding the cap in place, one last twist of the alarm will have everything rock solid and inline! The bars also feature our new "no-loss" locking lever as per our other adjustable items which makes losing a lever a thing of the past. To further enhance their slick new appearance, we have used our very own laser engraver to give them what we think is the perfect finish! 

As with all of our Prolite Black items, these bars are hard anodised, meaning the coating doesn't flake or chip. .  We have kept the brilliant increments that have been machined on the extendable arms to make getting an even splay and absolute breeze! These bars still accomodate the use of the 2BA and MAG indicator adaptors meaning that you don't necessarily have to use a hockey stick. Another popular way that they can be used is set up as a snag bar, this can be done with the use of our "Snag Converter Kit".

2 Rod Rear - 110-165mm

2 Rod Front - 125-195mm

€ 64.99

incl. BTW


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Maat2 Rod Adjustable Front,2 Rod Adjustable Rear
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