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Subsurface Submag Issue 02

Subsurface Submag Issue 02

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Our Issue #002 has landed, and we're incredibly excited to get it out there and into your hands!

It's been a slightly mad few weeks here, as is always the way working with print.. with a rake of last minute proofing rounds, tracking down some last minute shots, recording and writing a last minute interview, then signing, sealing and approving it all for print. In all honesty, that last bit never gets any less terrifying... 

Files gone, we headed to Wembley to see Hybrid Minds, then pretty toasted and sleep deprived, after a brief kip on a bedchair on Elmo's kitchen floor, we drove straight to Oxford and somehow managed bag a big Stoneacres linear.. and lose one - that's a sorry tale for another day though. From Oxford it was straight down for final proof checks and the press day at our lovely printers to film and photograph #002 coming off the press, before shooting up to North Devon for a clean autumn swell and some waves for the weekend.

Busy times, but as always, we are just buzzing to get #002 out there and into your hands now.       


We've always wanted to stick our output on the best paper we can, and print it in the best way. Why? Simply because we think the images and words deserve it and it makes it way nicer to read. Rather than make something that'll be in next week's recycling, we hope these can be collectible editions, worth keeping, and worth a look at again and again. 


What is Litho print? In a super quick nutshell... it is printed pages made via a set of aluminium 'plates' that each page of the publication are etched onto. The colours are split into CMYK inks (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) Each plate only prints one of these colours, so each page require four layers and four plates to create the final, full-colour image.

The plates are inked up, and the image transferred through a complex system of rollers, with the image ultimately being fed out at the end of the process. Having watched it happen now a few times, it still feels like some strange magic happens inside the litho press. The quality and manual input of the highly skilled print operators is also essential to the process. The lovely chap that printed the cover the sheets for this one had been doing it for 35 years.. proper. 


Simply, it produces better, higher resolution, crisper images with more depth and quality. It also allows us to print on the heavier, higher quality papers. It's not a cheap process but that's our problem, not yours!

Also, seeing the magazine take shape, from real inks, via a physical process is one of the best parts of it all. We love the connection to the production values, and we hope that shines through in what you end up with in your hands.

In a word, it's the good shit.. print done proper. 


Our printers based on the south coast here in the UK have some of the highest possible eco credentials in the business, having been the first printers in the world to be accredited Carbon Neutral, way back in 2002. We also only use vegetable based inks, which are far less damaging than any oil based versions. Waste is recycled, and the footprint of any job reduced as much as possible. 

We also only print on FSC approved papers, that is the gold seal that ensures the papers have come from carefully, and sustainably managed sources. 

Issue 02

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