Drennan Carp Pole Rig



They are available in four distinct styles. Each rig features quality Drennan components and has been skillfully hand tied in our own factories to our exacting specifications.

The rigs all feature a robust and sensibly balanced main line, hooklength and hook combination, constructed with strong and reliable knots. This ensures every Carp Pole Rig is as durable and reliable as possible. Even the size of shot and its spacing on the line has been carefully considered according to each specific rig.

Carp 1, Carp 2 and Carp 3 Pole Rigs all come on 3.5m of line and the shorter Carp 4 Pole Rig is on 3m of line. This can be easily trimmed down to suit the swim and the conditions on the day.

Each Carp Pole Rig also comes supplied on an extra strong pole winder with information conveniently printed on it for ease of reference.

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Carp 1 Pole Rigs

A great all-round choice. The slim 1.5mm diameter hollow Glow Tip is excellent for registering shy bites from carp, tench, bream and F1s. The size 16 Wide Gape Pellet hook is ideal for small to medium sized baits including maggots, casters, sweetcorn and expander pellets.

  • Float: Drennan Carp 1

  • Sizes: 0.2g, 0.4g & 0.6g

  • Hook: 16 Wide Gape Pellet

  • Hooklength: 0.16mm (4.9lb)

  • Main line: 0.18mm (5.8lb)

  • Rig length: 3.5m

Carp 2 Pole Rigs

The 1.75mm diameter banded Glow Tip offers exceptional visibility and bite indication. The diamond-shaped body also offers excellent stability in adverse conditions. The size 14 Wide Gape Pellet hook is best matched with medium-sized baits such as pellets, meat, sweetcorn, worms and bunches of maggots.

  • Float: Drennan Carp 2

  • Sizes: 0.4g, 0.6g & 0.8g

  • Hook: 14 Wide Gape Carp

  • Hooklength: 0.18mm (5.8lb)

  • Main line: 0.20mm (6.9lb)

  • Rig length: 3.5m

Carp 3 Pole Rigs

An ideal choice for open water and deeper swims. The extra buoyant 2.5mm Glow Tip is highly visible and allows you to use large hook baits with confidence. The size 14 Wide Gape Carp hook is extra strong and ideal for pellets, meat, sweetcorn, worms and bunches of maggots.

  • Float: Drennan Carp 3

  • Sizes: 0.6g, 0.8g & 1g

  • Hook: 14 Wide Gape Carp

  • Hooklength: 0.18mm (5.8lb)

  • Main line: 0.20mm (6.9lb)

  • Rig length: 3.5m

Carp 4 Pole Rigs

A real ‘bagging’ rig, the Carp 4 is compact, extra strong and tough. It is ideal for targeting big fish down the margins or across to islands and performs especially well in shallower swims. The exceptionally strong size 12 Margin Carp hook is designed for large hook baits such as meat, paste, worms, double sweetcorn and bunches of maggots.

  • Float: Drennan Carp 4

  • Sizes: 0.1g, 0.3g & 0.5g

  • Hook: 12 Margin Carp

  • Hooklength: 0.20mm (6.9lb)

  • Main line: 0.23mm (8.9lb)

  • Rig length: 3m

MaatCarp 2 0.4gr,Carp 2 0.8gr,Carp 2 0.6gr,Carp 1 0.2gr,Carp 1 0.4gr,Carp 1 0.6gr,Carp 3 0.6gr,Carp 3 0.8gr,Carp 3 1.0gr,Carp 4 0.1g
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